Build Customer Relationships on Social Media

By Nalina | January 25, 2017 | Amfect, LLC. Keeping up with the times may be daunting until you read sections of the news that trigger ideas. And those ideas are- building customer relationships through social networks. According to Journal of Strategic Direction, customer relationships via social media become successful when advertising discounts and vouchers.

Practical Use of Business intelligence

How does a company remain competitive? By utilizing marketing tactics, fortunately, Business Intelligence is a key integrator in marketing and fulfilling customer’s needs. Business Intelligence better known as BI is the process to transcribe raw data. What can you do with raw data you ask? Raw data will explain past and predictive analytics (more on

The Marketers Struggle to Breach Big Data

Big Data Vs. Marketers  As marketing takes flight and Big Data soaring like eagles, marketers are increasingly overwhelmed with extensive data for targeted objectives. The brilliant American multinational developers of analytics we-all-love called SAS, organized surveys in the United Kingdom to make sense of Marketers thought process when using big data. According to SAS institutes’

Your Customers Are Calling for Interactivity. Are you Listening?

Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service Just Won’t Do There are several branches in the people industry; One is marketing broken down to interactive marketing, in business intelligence terms- digital marketing. Interactive marketing’s call to action requires knowledge about each customer, their behavior, and how buyers communicate with a company. Unfortunately, few sources such as marketing,

Your Pictures’ Worth 1000 Meanings

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Engaging Audiences with the

Like what you see? So, does the internet Responsive sites are in like swimwear every summer. Being a musician is hard work, just ask Young Twaun at The Work MG. He travels across the country, around the globe and is at optimum performance during live shows, greeting fans, and at the studio. Why drain your energy on

Photos Shine with Karen Elano

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